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Garage Door Repair Plymouth MN is a professional who has the ability to deal with different issues such as repair on some residential and commercial garage door. We can help you to troubleshoot different garage door problems. Among of this problems include the following:

Out alignment of your Photo Eye- At the side of your garage door, you will find photo eyes wherein in between these two eyes is the invisible beams. Once this beam gets broken, it prevents your garage door from closing. So, if your door does not work, Garage Door Repair Plymouth MN can help you check if it is dirty or misaligned.

Transmitter batteries- Sometimes, you forget that you have a transmitter in your wall. If you do not know what to do with your garage door that does not function well, we can check if your battery goes in one place and replace it with new one. We can install it immediately to have your garage door functioning well.

Your track is out of alignment- Unaligned track will cause serious issue that really needs right attention in which we can provide you. Metal track in your door needs to run efficiently so that your door will move functionally.

Garage door cannot go up- There are some garage doors that are heavy but through its spring, it can easily be lifted up. If you have doors that come with more than one torsion spring that is broken, it will create a struggle in lifting your door and you will fail to open it. Calling for Garage Door Repair Plymouth MN will help you avoid some risk involved in using your garage door.

Garage door that can’t be closed properly- With this kind of situation, your garage door is provided with limited settings. If your settings are too high, it will hit the ground wherein you will assume that there is something in its path. However, to prevent this, we can help you set the right limits to open and close your garage door.

Automatic garage door is not moving- Most of the garage door opener comes from the switch to allow you open your door. However, if it gets broken or accidentally unhooked, we can deal with this by simply fixing it to secure that your door will work again efficiently.

Your automatic garage door stops for seconds and stops working- Garage Door Repair Plymouth MN can help you check your spring to learn the real cause of the problem. This will help you prevent future accidents and avoid any harmful risk.

Your door closes quickly with a bang- This might be due to broken cables or broken tension spring. Whatever case you have, we can provide you good service for this problem.

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